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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Video - Internet Sweepstakes

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Word From Pastor about Papa Johns's Pizza

Guest Blogger:
FaceBook Friend -  Fulton Parham

Papa John's Pizza threatens to lay off workers b/c President Obama won his second term, along with Red Lobster, Apple Bees and other franchises. I never liked Papa John's Pizza so I will not miss eating from there, but Red Lobster biscuits and AppleBees Shrimp and Chicken pasta will be missed.

I don't support IGNORANCE.

And The Church Said Amen.

A Question for NC Democrats

LET IT RESONATE . . . Republicans picked up three congressional seats in the state, with one seat (the 7th District) still in doubt. In that district, incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre holding a razor-thin 411-vote lead over GOP state Sen. David Rouzer.

LET IT RESOUND . . . The GOP also picked up seats in the 8th, 11th, and 13th Districts... The gains for the Republicans mean that they will enjoy a nine-to-four advantage in the states congressional delegate. Currently, Democrats hold a seven-to six advantage. (AND IT'S NOTHING TO REST ON OUR LAURELS ABOUT)

"Republicans also padded their majorities in the General Assembly. When lawmakers convene in Raleigh in January, Republicans will have a 32-18 advantage in the Senate (currently it’s 31-19) and a 77-43 majority in the House (currently it’s 68-52)."


Thursday, November 8, 2012



Thursday, November 1, 2012



Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Every Vote Counts

Here's Maya Angelou, Aisha Tyler and Lynn Whitfield

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - 2012 is Personal

Deborah "Debbie" Wasserman Schultz is the U.S. Representative for Florida's 20th congressional district, serving since 2005. She is a member of the Democratic Party and the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Are You Available


There is an URGENT NEED & simple REQUEST for YOU to lend your assistance and help on ELECTION DAY working as an observer, runner or poll greeter at various polling places around Wilson.

If you are a registered democrat and you're willing to commit a few hours toward protecting the fairness of the process to vote and reporting voter suppression/fraud at various precincts around the town please contact  Asa StrikeAmendment'One Gregory as soon as possible. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rock The Vote Wilson County


Here are the numbers for Wilson County as of 10/27/2012



Maya Angelou & Lynn Whitfield


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The 'WHAT IF' Obama Game

Don't Be . . . BAMBOOZLED

We've asked the following question to a few of friends on FB:
Please explain how it is NC and why it is NC is consistently left out of swing states conversations in the media? North Carolina has been identified as a battleground state from the very start.
We have 15 electoral votes - moreso than most with the exception of Florida & Ohio, of course.
Take for example, this piece I've attached.
So what's the REAL DEAL here?
Just curious. Thanks. 
Definition >>> bam·boo·zle/bamˈbo͞ozəl/

  1. Fool or cheat (someone): "Tom Sawyer bamboozled the boys".
  2. Confound or perplex: "bamboozled by the number of savings plans being offered".

A Republican Said That

Looking For Us...

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Have You Voted Yet

In Wilson County there are two locations to serve you. Here are the hours and locations.

Wilson County Offices - 2201 Miller Road
Week of October 29 - November 2, 2012 - HOURS: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tuesday, November 6, 2012         ELECTION DAY     6:30am - 7:30 pm

Wilson Board of Elections - 112 Douglas Street
Sunday, October 28, 2012   1:00 pm - 5:00pm

Monday, October 29, 2012     Weekday Hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Thursday, November 1, 2012
Friday, November 2, 2012
Saturday, November 3, 2012    LAST SATURDAY     8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tuesday, November 6, 2012          ELECTION DAY  > POLLS OPEN @  6:30am- 7:30 pm


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Keeping The White House ...White

This photo was taken from a Facebook (FB) page with the following caption:
This what they look like when they take the hood off.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Was Mitt Romney Cheating

"No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or other tangible things may be brought into the debate by any candidate."

Right before our very eyes ... was Mitt Romney Cheating?

Romney Wants Them Gone

Big Bird's In Trouble

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Souls To The Poll

October 5, 2012 
FR: Community Liaison, Zette McArn 
RE:  SOULS TO THE POLLS:  An Invitation of Participation   
Greetings To You;
For the first time in the history of Wilson County there will be Sunday Voting…
And . . . THAT’S A BIG-DEAL! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October

Absentee ballots are ready NOW. Make A request for yours today!
       Early Voting begins October 18th

Negro Man Wants to Lead Black Folks on Exodus

 Chesapeake, Virginia 
Dear Mr. Jackson,
I AM A Christian. I AM An American. I AM A Democrat.

Ah, Mr. Jackson, Sir, Your suggestion to fellow Americans who are African American, Christian and vote as a Democrat to make a speedy exodus now from the Democratic Party before “WE” re-ELECT the President back in to office, quite frankly Sir... JUST AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. That's a 'HOPE', WE, THE PEOPLE can promise you won't ...CHANGE.

As a fellow blogger commented, you stating your opinion is one thing, however to make a clarion call for folks to come and follow you on a path that would lead a race of people back to a place where they had 'NO RIGHTS' WHATSOEVER... is a clear sign you may need to seek the help of a higher being than whoever or whatever it is you're communicating with on a spiritual level.

I refuse to believe the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in whom I serve told you to tell me and others like myself to walk away from our civic duty. To walk away from the opportunity to participate in a process where so many of our ancestors gave their lives.

Where so many died walking the walk. And were killed talking the talk that all men should be free and have the same rights and privileges as any other person in these United States of America.

Have you lost your mind or is this representative of something different. Perhaps, an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease?

You put it out there, . . . So we wanna know.

By NOT moving on your 'midnight cry', Sir, WE, THE PEOPLE will S.T.A.N.D.
And as you say, we will be " Staying True to America's Natural Destiny."

Here's a link to the video of E.W. Jackson with a message to Black Christians.

Wilsonian Voices Publisher
Z. McArn

30,000 Dead People on the Rolls NC Voter Scam


ON THAT DAY : Voter suppression activist misbehaves in public
It’s not every day that a Wake County Elections Board hearing is the setting for a temper tantrum. That’s what happened today when the Voter Integrity Project’s Jay DeLancy snatched his microphone off the board’s table mid-meeting, kicking glass doors open in front of him as he stormed out of the meeting room in the Public Safety Center. He slowed down once he realized news cameras were chasing him. Source: WRAL


'Dead voters' exposed as phantom scandal

Veronica Degraffenreid, elections liaison for the North Carolina State Board of Elections, talks with Rachel Maddow about the burden on the election boards in her state to address the frivolous claims of dead voters on the rolls by a tea party group called the Voter Integrity Project.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Of All People, How Dare You Jim Hunt

In 1982, protest marchers chanted  . . . "Hey Jim Hunt, Whatcha goin' do 'bout the PCB."
The NC PCB Archives stated . . . The PCBs lay along 240 miles of highways for four years as the Hunt Administration ignored roadside residents' pleas to pick up the PCB- contaminated soil.
Surely, children waiting for their school buses were directly exposed.

Hmmm...SO ARE YOU SAYING... our 'nationally-known coveted education governor' didn't give a care about the children of Warren county back then and the ill-affects this dumping site created and for FOUR LONG YEARS DID NOTHING TO HELP RESOLVE THIS ISSUE... ah, come on. You've got to be joking!

Now, thirty years later, the tracks of their tears and fears were retraced in Warren county on Saturday, September 15, 2012 in a march commemorating this event.

And BTW, James Baxter Hunt JuniorSir, even if you do get the library on the campus of North Carolina State University you so yearn for.... there are some things you just can't change, take back or do over. And this 'black mark' on your gubernatorial era is one of them.

Source: NC PCB Archives > ncpcdata.com Courtesy: WRAL Video

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tom Joyner Morning Show Repeat


Wilson County Dem Women Freeze Bank Account

Dem. Women freeze account
President concerned she wasn't told about theft; 2 groups share treasurer

The president of The Democratic Women of Wilson County was surprised to learn money had been stolen from the Wilson County Democratic Party and contends she should have been told, particularly since the two groups share the same treasurer.

“I was upset,” said Brenda Avery. “As president of The Democratic Women, I hold a seat on the executive board of the Democratic Party and didn’t have any idea of this.”

Asa Gregory, chairman of Wilson County Democratic party, said earlier this week he tried to work out the situation.

“The officers of the party are handling the situation, and that’s our business,” Gregory said. “For those who are members of the county executive committee, we were trying to resolve this. We didn’t necessarily expect this to be in the paper before we had a meeting. But we will have a meeting to address this with them.”

Avery said she received an e-mail after the news story was published in The Wilson Times on Wednesday inviting her to a meeting on Sept. 19.

“I expect this will be talked about at that meeting,” Avery said. “Policy needs to be put in place for the future.”

Avery isn’t blaming Barbara Dantonio, former treasurer for Wilson County Democrats, but is concerned that she never got a call from Gregory, the chairman.

Dantonio’s house was broken into and checks for the Democratic Party were stolen four months ago, Gregory and Stantonsburg police said. Eleven checks were cashed at BB&T in Stantonsburg, wiping out their account.

Stantonsburg police served warrants on Daniel R. Wilson, 53, for forgery and uttering, larceny and misdemeanor breaking and entering.

Gregory said the accused man, Wilson, had once lived in the house with Dantonio but was put out of the house and no longer had access.

“Barbara has resigned from the party (as treasurer) and she has not been convicted of anything, and I’m not blaming her for anything, but the fact that she was responsible for Democratic Women’s money caused me to be very cautious,” Avery said. “I got on the phone and I called the Board of Elections for the state of North Carolina. I also called the chair of the state Democratic women to tell them what had happened here and please guide me.”

Avery said she wanted to do what was best for the organization and did not want to keep what had occurred from those who work with them.

“The best thing is to come out and let everyone know what is going on so there are no secrets,” Avery said.

Avery was told by Amy Strange of the state board of elections and Sarah Anderson, president of the state Democratic Women, to freeze the accounts immediately until they could completely assess the situation.

“The reason I took issue with this is because it’s four months later, and we should have known,” Avery said. “I called other members of the executive committee for the Democratic Party, and they didn’t know anything about it either, until it hits the paper.”

When Avery first organized Wilson’s Democrat Women, she talked to a person from the state elections board and said she was told they didn’t care how the bank account was set up, but as the president, the buck stopped with her.

“So when I hear my treasurer is having a problem, or I read my treasurer is having a problem, my first responsibility is to lock that account down until we can clear it up and communicate with others in my organization,” Avery said.

Avery checked with their bank, which is Wells Fargo, and there is no missing money, she indicated.

Avery said when she talked to Gregory about what she had read, she thought his response wasn’t acceptable.

“He told me that he didn’t have to tell me anything,” Avery said. “I said why did you tell your mother? His mother is my first vice president. And he said because it’s my mother. I said why did you tell my secretary for the women? He said that’s my mother’s friend.”

Avery said she reminded Gregory that she sits on his executive committee and those two she mentioned don’t sit on the executive committee.

Avery said she isn’t talking about Dantonio resigning, but she will have a meeting and put policies in place about issues such as this one. She is taking her guidance from Anderson of the state women’s group, she said.

“We’ve got to be proactive in this regard, not reactive,” Avery said. “We have got to be transparent in what we do.”

Avery said she took note at a local Democratic convention when a person brought up not getting information as they should.

“We were at a Democratic Convention, and I heard Yolanda Davis say to (A.B.) Swindell, ‘I don’t know anything going on in this town. We need to know across the tracks what is going on, too,’” Avery recalled. “So, I thought to myself, this is a great way to do it. If I’m the Democratic representative for women, I’ve got a seat at the table. I’ll know exactly what is going on and I can share it with those women who say they don’t get the information. That was my intent – to bring us together. Obviously, that is not happening.”

There will be elections this March for Democratic Women, so it’s important to set things up for transparency now for the others to carry the organization forward, she said.

Gregory said Wilson has agreed to pay restitution for what was stolen, and has paid back around $400 of the approximate $1,400 that was stolen out of the bank account. Gregory added on Thursday that BB&T has agreed to put more than $900 back in the Democratic Party’s account. He had previously indicated that negotiations had been unsuccessful.

Wilson has an extensive conviction record dating back to 1986.
Courtesy > The Wilson Times / Staff Writer Janet Conner-Knox

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Man Steals Money from Wilson Co. Dem Party

Man drains Dem. Party account
While restitution made, official seeks settlement

Couertesy > The Wilson Times /

The Wilson County Democratic Party says a local man, claiming to be doing work for Democratic candidates, emptied their bank account, leaving them overdrawn at the bank to the tune of $500, which included all fees assessed.

Asa Gregory, chairman of the local party, said BB&T began negotiations with them and had even come to an agreement but has since declined to reimburse them for the stolen money.

Gregory said it was by accident that their treasurer, Barbara Dantonio, found out the political party’s bank account was empty.

“A man broke into our treasurer’s house and he stole a checkbook and he went to the Stantonsburg branch of BB&T bank and he cashed several checks — 11 in total, some twice a day,” Gregory said. “Of course we didn’t know about it. We didn’t have online banking or checking and we didn’t have a reason to check it.”

Gregory said the accused man, Daniel Ray Wilson, 53, had once lived in the house with Dantonio but was put out of the house and no longer had access.

“He went in there (BB&T) and said he was doing work for the Democratic Party to get Calvin Woodard elected again,” Gregory said. “Obviously Sheriff Woodard is not up to be re-elected until 2014.”

Stantonsburg Police Chief John Hunt said there were warrants served on Wilson in the earlier part of the year for the incident.

Gregory said Wilson has agreed to pay restitution for what has stolen, and has paid back around $400 of the approximate $1,400 that was stolen out of the bank account.

Wilson, who has a long conviction history, had been charged with forgery and uttering, larceny and misdemeanor breaking and entering.

Dantonio is no longer the treasurer for the Wilson County Democrat Party.

Gregory said he isn’t satisfied with the way BB&T handled the party as a customer.

“We discovered what happened and we took measures to talk to people to get it rectified,” Gregory said. “I talked with people for several months to get this rectified because I felt like it was BB&T’s job and it is BB&T’s job to protect the assets of its clients.”

He said the checking account requires two signatures and there was only one signature on the checks. Gregory said the one signature they got was forged and the teller should have noticed that.

He said the signature looked different on each of the checks cashed.


“BB&T cannot comment on the particulars of this matter due to the confidentiality of the settlement,” said David R. White, vice president of corporate communications. “BB&T addressed this issue with an attorney representing the Wilson County Democratic Party.”

But White did say even though the Democratic Party said it requires two signatures for each check, two signatures are not part of BB&T’s policy.

“Generally speaking, however, a client’s business procedure that two individuals must act jointly to perform banking transactions, such as a two-signers requirement for checks, are for the client’s internal purposes only and are not binding on the bank,” White said. “Under the terms of the BB&T banking service agreements applicable to deposit accounts, the bank has no duty or obligation to monitor or comply with any such two-signer requirement.”

Gregory contends bank personnel should have checked the signatures.

“The main teller at Stantonsburg branch never checked the signature card on file, which would have taken her all of five seconds, I would say.”

Gregory said BB&T offered a settlement agreement.

“It was half the amount that was taken from the party, and then we would be able to collect from the individual the restitution and then anything over that would go to BB&T — which I agreed to, that was fine, that makes sense,” Gregory said.

Gregory said he worked with attorneys from the North Carolina Democratic Party on the settlement agreement with the bank.

“I got the paperwork he told me I needed to sign – I signed it, I shipped it, he looked it over and even found a mistake on one of my pages,” Gregory said. “And so I printed that one page out to fix it. Sent it back to him. Went to them — they didn’t sign it.”

Gregory said Dantonio did protect the checkbook.

“I think she protected it,” Gregory said. “She kept it in her house, locked up in her house. And this guy didn’t have access to her house. He did live there for a time, but he had left the house.”

Gregory said based on rules he is aware of, they are not at fault and definitely not negligent. Gregory said a friend may know where another person keeps their checkbook in a house, but if they break into the person’s house and steal it, it’s not negligence on the part of the victim. It is a criminal act by the person who broke in, Gregory said.

A spokesman from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) said they can’t speak to this particular case, but did say that banks usually buy insurance that protects them from bank robberies or customers whose money was stolen.

“If a customer doesn’t like the outcome of their bank’s decision about their account, they can take their complaint to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC),” said LaJuan Williams-Young, spokesperson for the FDIC.

Williams-Young said their OCC’s function is to act as mediator.

The Democratic Party has opened an account with Cornerstone Bank.


Gregory said he never kept this incident away from the public’s eye nor did he try to hide what happened to the Democrat’s banking account.

“The officers of the party are handling the situation, and that’s our business,” Gregory said. “For those who are members of the county executive committee, we were trying to resolve this. We didn’t necessarily expect this to be in the paper before we had a meeting. But we will have a meeting to address this with them.”

Gregory said the party is paying its bills.

Democrats are now planning their annual SLOB (Silver Lake Oyster Bar) fund raiser. The group usually holds this event as a way to be able to support campaigning for Democratic candidates.

The SLOB was not held last year,

This time Dewey Sheffield and Mark Bibbs, who is running for N.C. House District 8 seat, are co-chairs for the event.

Wilson, the man accused for cashing those checks, has an extensive arrest record dating back from 1986 up to 2012. Convictions include forgery, multiple assault on a female charges, unauthorized use motor conveyance, larceny, DWI levels 1, 2 and 3, obtaining property-worthless checks, cheat-property/services, communicating

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Candidate Clarence Bender

Democrat challenging Buck Newton
Bender says he's gotten cold shoulder by own party locally

Courtesy > The Wilson Times / Staff Writer 

Democratic candidate running for the N.C. Senate District 11 seat, Clarence Bender, said he’s in this election to win victories for the people of North Carolina, particularly those who haven’t had their voices heard.

Bender is running against Republican Sen. Buck Newton. Newton is running for a second term.

“Everybody should feel as if they have a voice and the ear of their representatives,” Bender said. “But as we all know, there are some people who just keep getting looked over. They have to be included in Raleigh when laws are made.”

Bender, who resides in Castalia, said he understands what it is like to be overlooked. He said he really feels that in Wilson County by those who are in his party,

“I was told by other Democrats that I would never get their support and I get the cold shoulder in Wilson County,” Bender said. “I am the Democratic nominee, but I don’t feel the support here in Wilson. Sometimes when there is a party at a home to raise funds for another candidate, I am allowed to come to the party, but I can’t get anyone to give me one of those parties. That is how many of our citizens feel when it comes down to the political process – left out.”

But he said even without support, he has been out shaking hands and talking to people about the issues they believe are important.

“As I go out talking to people, I hear as common topics the concern for jobs, how bad the economy is doing and that they want their children to get a solid education,” Bender said. “So those are the areas I would work in if I am elected.”

Bender said with a son diagnosed with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, he has seen first hand what does not happen for children in public schools.

“Lots of poorer counties get less money and teachers can’t be trained in those special areas because there is no money,” Bender said. “Those teachers need access to the training and the students need teachers trained in the latest techniques.”

Bender said the more money that is cut from the school budget, the worse it is for children.

“When they cut the budget, teachers’ aides are cut from the classrooms,” Bender said. “If there are 20 or more students and the teaching assistant is gone, then we have children who are overlooked.”

Bender said he would like to see smaller class sizes. He said he would also like to see more opportunities to have more math and science taught in classrooms.

“If our children are going to compete globally, and the children they are competing against have the foundation, our children will lose,” Bender said.

Bender points out that according to statistics, countries like Finland, China and Korea have students outranking U.S. students.

“We need better and more competitive salary and packages and health benefits so we can keep our teachers in place,” Bender said. “Our state employee turnover rate is too high. I was reading something from our state that said we could save 3 to 4 hundred million dollars a year if we could keep our employees in place after they are trained with the state.”

Bender said if elected, he would concentrate on creating jobs for the state.

He said one way is to help those people who want to start small businesses.

“I have been a small business owner before, and it can be tough,” Bender said. “But if we strengthen small business and give them the incentives we give big business, it will help all around the state,” Bender said. “Small businesses should be able to band together and get health insurance for themselves and their employees.”

Bender said big businesses get big tax breaks and small businesses need the big tax breaks, too.

He said the Small Business Association should be more accessible to small businesses.

“Some smaller cities don’t embrace small businesses like they should,” Bender said. “But when we support them, they can hire more people and make local economies stronger.”

Bender said he is definitely going to connect with every legislator who wants to do something about the high energy bills.

“Nobody’s electric bill should be bigger than their mortgage,” Bender said. “I have talked to Wilson citizens who work every day and still have to use candles so they can afford to pay their electric bill. A lot of businesses have shut down because they can’t afford the bill.”

Bender said it doesn’t take much to understand that if small businesses are closing because of high utility bills, and we need small businesses to strengthen the economy, then the issue needs to be addressed.

“The big bills aren’t helping the people we need to move things along,” Bender said. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raleigh Road to Re-Open

With fingers crossed, by tomorrow, the N.C. Department of Transportation will reopen the intersection of ACC Drive, Raleigh Road and Corbett Avenue and finish the conversion of Raleigh Road from a one-way to two-way street, from Hines Street to Gold Street, said Bryant Bunn, an engineer with the city of Wilson.

Apology Emerges

Ellis Williford, County Manager

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to you and the other members of the board for any embarrassment I may have caused as a result of my use of inappropriate language on the night of July 9th, 2012” as Williford reads from a prepared statement during the County Commissioners meeting on Monday evening August 6th.
“I would also like to apologize to all the residents of the county for which I have had the honor of serving as manager for the past 19 years, for failing to conduct myself to the high standard which is expected of an appointed official. In addition I would also like to apologize to the employees of Wilson County for failing to conduct myself in the manner of which they have always demonstrated when involved with difficult situations.”  
Staff Writer/ Janet Conner-Knox
Photo/Brad Coville/Wilson Times

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ann Romney

Video Courtesy - WRAL TV

It Ain't Over

Sure, there's been other news in Wilson since we last posted and we'll get to sharing some of that real soon. However, until such time as that happens...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Puppy Love Here

Wayne Gay and Ellis Williford. 
Wilson's own version of the 'Dyanmic Duo'. (Now dispersed.)
The Sheriff & the County Manager. Wilson County (NC).

You've got to remember that story back in Novemebr 2010 when we first learned just how much money they both were making. Just in case you forgot here you go. Pay Hikes & Politics.    Even to this day, its a hot topic of discussion around town.

Well Folks, they're at it again on the opposite side of the fence. A lot like county cousins arguing over who got what and whose side of the property are you on. (LOL) Hey Bubba, watch yo' foot.

And you've gotta wonder, if one man is envious of the other. Off pure observation, he's wanted what he had, and now tha the has it. ... he's still complaining & squealing like a you know what that the other is now a politician (not a friend) who sucked one party dry (ouch, what a jab!) and has now gone to another...  (sound effects) In the voice of the teacher at Charlie Brown's school - wonk wonk...wonk, wonk, wonk.

This all started after the cancelled County Commissioners meeting Monday night. Residents are fed up with the county not adequately addressing the need for a new animal shelter and the fees/taxes paid by pet owners in the county. The brouhaha spilled over into a shouting match where Williford evetnually told a man to 'kiss his butt.' on top of that he brought up Wayne Gay, ex Wilson County Sheriff of 28 years in the midst of the verbal exchange. Oh, what a night. And a mess.

Here's an excerpt from the Wilson Times article / Reporter - Janet Conner-Knox


Animal advocate Max Fitz-Gerald went back to the topic of the advisory committee having a plan that they thought was agreed upon.

“I was on the committee with Wayne Gay and we never would have proposed those fees had we known it was not going to be used for two reasons we wanted it to be used for, one a new shelter and two a spay and neuter program,” Fitz-Gerald said.

“When Sheriff Gay came back to the advisory committee, he said Ellis told me that the fees could not be earmarked for a specific item. Well I find out later from the county attorney, that’s a lie — that the fees can be earmarked by county commissions for anything they want it to go for.” 

Williford responded.

The first issue you need to think about is, did I say that? Or did Wayne say I said that,” Williford questioned. “Because let’s remember who we are talking about here. This man sucked the Democratic party dry, and now he’s a Republican. He is the consummate politician.”

Williford said he is not calling Gay a liar, but a politician.

The issue also got around to Williford’s controversial salary with its five-figure raise several years ago, which followed a raise for former Sheriff Gay.

“You don’t have the right to make the most money just because you are the supervisor,” Uhas said.

“Oh yes I do. Oh yes I do,” Williford said. “Yes sir I do. In this organization, I do. I do.”

“If Wayne Gay hadn’t got that raise, I would have never asked for a dime.”

Photo Credit: Wilson Times Archives

Friday, July 13, 2012

No Dog in This Fight, The Flip Side

While animal rights activists were confronting Ellis Williford Monday, the next day the local headline read, 'Two charged with dog fighting'. Go Figure, right. 

The newspaper article stated, "One dog’s jaws looked as if they were locked on the other dog’s face. The more aggressive dog looked as if he were tearing the face off of the other dog.  Voices of people could be heard laughing out of the eye of the camera. Then two people appeared with sticks to pry the dogs’ mouths apart."

According to the Wilson Times, Wilson County Deputies had warrants for four suspects. Two of the four have been arrested.

Digusting and despicable doesn't even begin to express the outrage of such behavior in this community when it comes to that kind of cruelty to animals. The malicious acts of breeding and training dogs with the intent to pit them against another dog to fight is inhumane. For those engaging in such activites, their involvement speaks volumes about the caliber and character of such an individual. If you have no regard and respect for an animal, more likely you have none for a human either. It translate. Just like that.

On the flip side - were the roles reversed, in the sense, they... (those who advocate dog fightin') were being savagly abused in the same like manner would they want compassion and intervention. Or instinctively, just fight unto death of one or the other. Didn't Michael Vick just walk this walk?

And...BTW, this isn't a racial thing. You know, how some folks want to make it along racial lines and pit one race against another when it comes to the culture of a particular race. The race card has no color here regardless of who and/or what you are. . .

LISTEN UP,  dog  fightin', cock fightin' and any other activity that abuses animals is heartless and atrocious. If you're a participant and a spectator. So are you.

We have no dog in the fight, per se, but we do know wrong from right.
What happened here is just...WRONG!

(Photo: Gray Whitley/Wilson Times)

Where's The Money

Story Credit: News 14 Carolina Reporter Rebecca Fath reports the following;

WILSON, N.C.--Tension between animal rights advocates and the Wilson County Board of Commissioners is at a fever pitch after Monday night's meeting was canceled. But the county manager says the around $500,000 was put in the general fund and has already been spent to upkeep animal control.

"When I put together a recommended budget each year, a new shelter is so low on the priority list it never reaches my radar. We need sheriffs cars, we need radios,” said Wilson County Manager Ellis Williford.

"I'm feeling a little angry, disappointed, lied to, used. I'm just a bundle of emotions right now because I believe in my animals,” said Wilson resident Amanda Perry.

Animal rights advocates say they'll continue to fight for a new shelter, and they plan to continue attending board of commissioners meetings to have their voices heard.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ellis Williford in the Doghouse

Where are the donations? 

Yep, here we go again. No they don’t remember. No one told me. Animal shelter, what animal shelter? Max, I know that you can hardly believe all this misunderstanding of Animal Shelter funds. Last year I gave my birthday gift of $200 (wrote for new animal shelter on the check). I wonder if that money went into a general fund?   Are all of you animal advocates going to demand that money that has been collected already be put back where it was intended? The animals can’t speak for themselves, so we people who so love them have to do it. It’s a fight too.

I have lived all over these United States and overseas, too and, I have never seen animal advocates have to fight so hard for the poor animals in their county. Since I sent my $200.00 check to the sheriff’s office, I’m curious as to which general fund that money went.

I had hoped that a lot of other donations would have been given so we could get the new shelter by now. What a shame. 

Concerned Citizen
Ann Pittman                                                            

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OMG, Ellis Williford - Did You Say That

The headline is in quotations... that means its an actual quote made by the individual. The local newspaper reads ..."Kiss My Butt." Who in the world said that and to whom did they say it. Come to find out it was Ellis Williford speaking to another Wilsonian in what looks like an exchange of differing opinion concerning the treatment of animals in Wilson County.

Evenso, does that validate the County Manager to speak with such rhetoric to a citizen of this county?
Read the article for yourself. Here's the link 'Kiss My Butt.'
Photo Courtesy: Brad Coville / WilsonTimes

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Video - Montford Marines

(CBS News) HAMPTON, Va. - On Wednesday, June 27. 2012, Congress took a step to right an injustice. They awarded the Congressional Gold Medal -- the highest civilian honor -- to the Montford Point Marines, the first African-Americans to serve in the corps. Their sacrifices were long overlooked. Hundreds of surviving members attended the ceremony.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

George Pope Jr.
February 18, 1949 - June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Video - Something to Think About

As Wilson City Council considers a request to add another Internet Sweepstakes Cafe to the 301 Corridor, at the council meeting on Thursday, June 20th, here's something else they need to think about as well . . . In Fayetteville, Wednesday morning, Andy Floyd, a customer at the swepstakes cafe, received five stitches in his head from being pistol whipped and robbed, but said this may have been one of the luckiest days of his life...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Video - Hate Crime Investigated

Grafitti left at Caswell business owned by Ernie Pinnix, critic of the Confederate monument.

Article By: Michael D. Abernethy / Times-News

The Caswell County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the vandalism of a residence and business owned by a vocal opponent of a Confederate monument in Reidsville.
The FBI and Secret Service are also involved in the investigation and the local and state chapters of the NAACP are speaking out against the crime.
Ernest Pinnix, 66, reported to the sheriff’s office Wednesday that his auto repair shop had been vandalized sometime overnight.

Pinnix spoke publicly against the re-erection of a Confederate soldier monument in downtown Reidsville. The monument was damaged in a wreck in 2011. The Reidsville City Council recently voted to rebuild the monument in a cemetery.

Vandals spray painted “the statue’s coming back” and “F--- Obama” on the front of Pinnix’s shop on Zeb Road, which has a Gibsonville mailing address, said Lt. Frank Rose with the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office. They also slashed the tires and keyed the paint of a tow truck at the address.
About $4,600 in damage was reported at the business.

Local investigators contacted the FBI and Secret Service about the vandalism due to the mention of the president, Rose said. He also stated the vandalism is being investigated as a possible hate crime, and that detectives have few clues about the crime at this point.

The N.C. Conference of the NAACP released a statement calling for a full investigation of the incident. The Rev. William J. Barber II, head of the state NAACP, will visit the shop and hold a press conference Tuesday.

"Vicious and vulgar references of the President of the United States, trespassing on private property, hateful and racially charged messages in addition to property damage have terrorized this family,” Barber said in the release. “This should not only disturb us but represent the kind of domestic terrorism and intimidation that law enforcement and our communities cannot tolerate. Nor should they go unpunished."

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office, at 336-694-9311, or CrimeStoppers, at 336-694-5199.

Information given to CrimeStoppers is confidential and doesn’t require a court appearance if information given leads to an arrest. A cash reward of up to $1,000 is possible through CrimeStoppers, Rose said in an email.

Video Courtesy: WRAL-TV

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Video - Smiley & West

Love em' or hate em' makes no never mind. These dudes, talk show host Tavis Smiley and professor Cornel West are still talking and folks are listening. Like it or not. Smiley and West are back in stride again. They've written a book called  The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto. In this video clip, they discuss the new Voter ID laws spreading across the country.

Clergy Urged to Communicate with Congregation

Representative Emanuel Cleaver II is a United Methodist pastor and the U.S. Representative for Missouri's 5th congressional district, serving since 2005. He is a member of the Democratic Party, and in January 2010 became chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. A pastor himself, he is encouraging others to take up the banner and educate your congregation to tackle the new laws concerning Voter ID.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Thoughts on Amendment One

Wilsonian Voices has taken the following position with regards to the Marriage Amendment also known as Amendment One. As we continue to review and research House Bill 514, we are of the opinion that the particulars of the bill outline much more than the” most popular summation” that the marriage between a man and a woman is the only recognized union in the State of North Carolina...
Contrar to what’s being called an amendment to ‘ban gay marriage’, the bill, as it is written takes a negative and harsh stand against any civil union in the State of NC.
The repercussion of passing this amendment will serve as a detriment with serious harm.
Regardless of how you believe, what you believe, this amendment delves deeper into the lives of people who may not be LGBT.  
In addition, a vote ‘FOR’ this amendment serves to disband an intricate system already in place that protects civil unions and other matters of a domestic nature designed to protect children, seniors, women, and many other healthcare issues.

Folks who may not be married yet have children together will be impacted. People who may not be married but have lived together for many years will be affected. This amendment is not just about the LGBT community and banning marriage. 

The very fact of the matter is same-sex marriage is ALREDY ILLEGAL in the State of NC. State statute currently limits marriage to opposite-sex couples.

N.C.G.S. § 51.1-2 prohibits marriages between individuals of the same gender.

SO WHY is THE CHANGE needed to the CONSTITUTION? Honestly, WHY? We asked this question earlier this week on our Facebook page. Responders voiced their concerns. Those voting ’ FOR THE AMENDMENT’ shared they believe marriage is ‘ONLY’ between a man and a woman. God has ordained it to be and nothing else matters.

Those voicing an opinion ‘AGAINST THE AMENDMENT’ are concerned about the wording of the entire document and how it will affect civil unions and all of the intricate aspects that govern such matters across the board for all.

Bottom line – Amendment One affects so much more than simply ‘banning Gay Marriage’. The wiser thing to do would be to read the amendment, itself. Peel back the layers to get to the core of what it actually says it will do. That’s part of the reason Wilsonian Voices hadn’t shared a viewpoint one way or the other. We wanted to know the facts not the fiction.

The more we read the document, the more persuaded we are that there is not enough information that speaks to the ramifications of its passing where civil unions are concerned and how it will impair a system already designed to protect the people.

LET’S BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT THIS MATTER: This is NOT an amendment to ‘Ban Gay Marriage’ in North Carolina.

We know that’s what’s being told. You hear it repeated everyday. However, that’s what you call a “smoke-screen”. (You need to get beyond the smoke to see what's behind it.)

Gay Marriage is already ILLEGAL in the STATE of NC. We don’t need it added to the constitution, it’s ALREADY the LAW of the LAND. (Think about it) Adding this amendment to the constitution does not give it any more power than what the LAW already is. The LAW is the LAW.

You keep hearing the fire & brimstone shouts that God made man for a woman. God made man and woman for one another. The only legal marriage in the sight of God is between a man and a woman. That’s the way it ought to be in NC.
HOWEVER, you have not heard conversations from those advocating ‘FOR’ the amendment tell you is how it affects everybody else.

And while we agree marriage was ordained by God, simply put this amendment does not serve as that dog in this fight. IT DOES NOT. It’s the SPIN placed on this amendment but it’s NOT the ultimate reason HB 514 was introduced.

OUR RECOMMENDATION:  With much thought and careful research, we are of the opinion when it comes to Amendment One - Wilsonian Voices stands with those
who are in opposition of its passing, therefore the stand is a vote AGAINST amendment One. 

READ IT. And while you're reading it, KEEP in mind – NC has already banned gay marriage in this state. It is already the law of the land.

N.C.G.S. § 51.1-2 prohibits marriages between individuals of the same gender.
FACTS FIRST: Same-sex marriage is ALREDY ILLEGAL in the State of NC. State statute currently limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. That’s between a man & a woman as God has ordained.

Read Amendment One for YOURSELF, make an EDUCATED DECISION not an EMOTIONAL DECISION. Your personal beliefs concernin what God has ordained has already been addressed in the State of NC. 

N.C.G.S. § 51.1-2 prohibits marriages between individuals of the same gender.

WV Facebook Friends Speak Out

Recently, one of our FaceBook Friends made the following comment: “I am very discouraged that the Wilsonian Voices only seams to share the view point that is against the marriage amendment. I wish you would post that beautiful letter that Loretta Winslow placed in the paper Thursday in the opinion section of the Wilson Daily Times.

Here's the link to the letter Ms. Winslow wrote 'FOR' Amendment One. (And Ms. Bass, if don't mind us saying, it’s actually “seems” versus seam. Just thought we’d mention that to you. All the Best. Wilsonian Voices )

We also found another letter that was written by an individual in a neighboring county we'd like for you to take a look at as well. This letter was written by Frank Dunn of Winterville, NC (Pitt County) was written 'AGAINST' Amendment One.

Opinions are many and emotions are high when it comes to the viewspoints concerning House Bill 514 also known as Amendment One. You will be be voting 'FOR' or 'AGAINST' it when you go to vote on May 8th or during early voting.

When you weigh in whether Amendment One is worth it, Don't forget the facts